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  • The Salisbury Police Department offers a citizen ride along program. If you would like to come in and ride in a cruiser with one of the officers for a shift, we will permit you to do so. The following are rules pertaining to the program:

    1. No person shall be allowed to ride without having submitted a signed ride-along request and waiver form. Refusal to complete this form, or false statements of any nature on same, will disqualify that person from participation in the program.

    2. The request to ride form must be returned to the Salisbury Police Department two weeks prior to the first request date of participation.

    3. At the supervisor’s discretion, exceptions may be made for special situations requiring shorter notice, as long as other procedures are followed. Special situations may include out of state visitors or criminal justice personnel.

    4. Civilian ride-along will be allowed to ride no more than once every six months, without prior approval of the Chief of Police.

    5. Participants must obey the orders and instructions given by the officer to whom they are assigned.

    6. Participants must not leave the patrol vehicle unless instructed to do so by the officer.

    7. Participants are required to wear a bullet proof vest supplied by the Salisbury Police

    8. The rider will provide his/her own transportation to and from the Police Department.

    9. When the patrol unit is assigned to a dangerous call, the rider may be dropped off at a safe location and he/she must remain there until the officer or another police unit returns to pick them up.

    10. Persons with extensive criminal backgrounds will not be allowed to ride with an officer, background checks will be conducted on all applicants.

    11. Ride along tours usually last four (4) hours; however, either the officer or the rider may terminate the tour at any time. The shift supervisor shall be advised of early termination.

    12. Applicants will be notified by the Police Department after filing the written application request form. At that time, the ride will be scheduled and/or confirmed, or denied.

    13. The applicant’s participation is a privilege and not a right. The basic premise of the ride along program is to establish rapport with the police and learn about the functions of law enforcement.

    14. Participants shall not converse with any prisoners, suspects, victims or witnesses nor shall they participate in any police activity unless directly requested by officers.

    15. All participants must agree not to discuss names of persons involved in police cases or incidents, as this maybe CORI information or at a minimum privileged information. The observer will be considered a confidant of the Police Department and it is essential that all
    matters pertaining to evidence or statements gathered during investigations be held confidential.

    16. Tape and or video recorders and cameras will not be permitted while participating in the program, unless express permission is granted by the Chief of Police.

    When you show up to ride or apply, you will need to provide us with a valid identification which lists your full name, address and date of birth. If you are interested, contact Sgt. Jim Leavitt at jleavitt@salisburypolice.com or 978-465-3121.