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  • The TRIAD S.A.L.T. Council

  • Seniors & Law Enforcement Together

  • The TRIAD Program is a partnership which involves Senior Citizens, Law Enforcement Agencies and Support/Protective Services who agree to work together to reduce the criminal victimization of older citizens and enhance the delivery of services to the target population. TRIAD encourages and facilitates communication among law enforcement, senior citizens and support services in pursuit of improved quality of life for seniors. This program is sponsored by Sheriff Frank G. Cousins and District Attorney Jonathan W. Blodgett, with active participation by the Salisbury Police Department and the Salisbury Council on Aging, in conjunction with other social service agencies.

    As an integral component of community policing, the TRIAD Program’s mission is “to develop and implement policies and programs to reduce criminal victimization, promote crime prevention and safety awareness, and serve the needs of the senior community in Essex County. In addition, the Council will design and support programs to improve the quality of life for our senior citizens.”

  • The TRIAD Program results in many benefits for seniors as a result of the reduction of criminal activity targeting older Americans, the alleviation of the fear of victimization, the increased confidence gained by elderly citizens and the enhanced delivery of law enforcement services. Seniors are empowered and gain peace of mind through their participation in this program. The TRIAD Program provides a forum to identify and discuss crime-related needs and concerns of seniors, and to develop and implement community-wide solutions through education. 

Some of the services offered through this project are:
    Photo Identification Cards—This card provides a primary or secondary photo identification card for seniors’ use.
    Yellow Dot Program—This sticker placed on a car alerts emergency responders to Medical Data Record kept in the glove box of the car.
    File of Life is a packet containing medical information that attaches to a refrigerator with a magnet for use by First Responders in an emergency situation. 
    Breakfast With the Police—Seniors met with various poice department staff over a light breakfast to discuss ongoing issues in the community.